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Crystal Ball Debutante Ball

By Royal Doulton 701587288422

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Crystal Ball Debutante Ball wears a pretty azure and pale blue strapless party dress embellished with hundreds of shimmering platinum and blue dots. Her multi-layered flounced gown sparkles with fourteen beautiful, clear crystals from Swarovski®, and delicate lustre highlights add luxurious tones. A glamorous art deco inspired collar necklace in tanzanite blue and platinum peeps out below her long blond hair and her intricate plaited locks are held in place with a dainty floral slide finished with a Swarovski crystal in a delicate shade of blue. A very special gift for a special someone.

Sparkling crystal detailing and exquisite design come together in the Crystal Ball figurine collection. Royal Doulton artist Neil Faulkner has designed the most glamorous of studies fusing period and contemporary fashion styles for this collection. In each sculpture, a confident young woman is portrayed wearing an elaborately modelled and highly detailed dress in a rich jewel colour, lavishly decorated with sparkling platinum and adorned with crystals from Swarovski®.

The Royal Doulton Collections observe the expressive and varied styles discovered in the lofts, studios and apartments of 'new London' through creative use of materials, patterns, colours and textures.
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Royal Doulton
Crystal Ball Debutante Ball 701587288422
This Crystal Ball Debutante Ball by Royal Doulton is the perfect addition to any home.