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HemingwayDesign Mixed Colours Dip Bowl (Set of 4)

By HemingwayDesign for Royal Doulton 701587266048

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Encourage a lively dinner of conversation and sharing around the table with the HemingwayDesign Mixed Colours Dip Bowls (Set of 4). The considered palette features a fresh set of coloured glazes in a pink, yellow, dark grey and cool grey story…stylishly adding a touch of modern design to your dining. The smaller sizes are great for tapas dishes and al fresco dining.

Effortlessly cool with a striking appeal, HemingwayDesign are unique and modern…perfect for contemporary living spaces and quirky gifting. ‘Improving things that matter in life’ is a HemingwayDesign philosophy that we get right behind, and one that is clearly evident in this collection of distinctive pieces boasting pops of bold colour to brighten up your home. A variety of shapes and colours are displayed on incredible textured patterns for a wow-factor focal point in any room of the house - featuring vases, jugs, tableware and decorative pieces.

Dishwasher Safe:Yes
Microwave Safe:Yes
Is In Gift Box:Yes

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HemingwayDesign for Royal Doulton
HemingwayDesign Mixed Colours Dip Bowl (Set of 4) 701587266048
This HemingwayDesign Mixed Colours Dip Bowl (Set of 4) by Royal Doulton is the perfect addition to any home.