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Street Art

The limited edition of large plates reinvigorates the concept of using ceramic as an interior design art form - these are pieces to be displayed and are bound to create conversation!
Royal Doulton has commissioned two pioneering well-known street artists to work on this collection.

Street Art

Street Art
Street Art Street Art

Otherwise known as Charley Uzzell Edwards, Pure Evil is a descendant of Sir Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor who wrote the controversial work "Utopia" and who was later beheaded by King Henry VIII.

The influence of this legendary lineage is a fundamental part of Charley's aesthetic. His "deconstructed nightmare" series taps into his exploration of a post-utopian society and has proven to be extremely popular - with almost every place having sold out.

Street Art
World Success

Evil Bunny Evil Bunny

Another iconic image From Charley comes in the form of the "Evil Bunny" - found in many different scenarios and in many guises, the bunny features on several the designs in this collection.

Charley also owns the Pure Evil Gallery in East London, a pioneering force in the contemporary street art world, offering an artist- run gallery space for a myriad of young International and British artists.

World Success

As one of the key British artists of the booming international street art scene, Charley has exhibited in the United States, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Brazil and Australia.

Visit www.pureevilclothing.com

Street Art Street Art

Nick is one of the art world's most talented and rising stars. He emerged from the Bristol graffiti scene in the early 1980's and since then has continually evolved his style using hand-cut stencils and freehand painting.

He made the transition from urban art to the gallery walls and is dominating the art world with his sophisticated, radical and incredibly witty style. Nick's alter ego, the bowler hatted vandal, which is considered his signature character and is now recognised across the world, has been included on a number of the Royal Doulton designersdesigns.

Street Art

Proving the mainstream appeal for this genre of art, one of Nick's canvases sold for over £50,000 at Bonhams Urban Art Auction whilst a print was sold for over £5000.

Evil Bunny

The image "V for Vandal" was beamed onto the Houses of Parliament the day before his London show and made the national press

His work, often witty variations on the Mona Lisa or his own space-monkey character Apish Angel, have appeared in the streets and in galleries across the world as well as in the movies Judge Dredd and Eyes Wide Shut.